15 ways you could save time running your building firmHow well do you spend your working day? You know, in a lifetime you spend literally years sleeping, eating and queuing, months and months checking junk emails, sitting at traffic lights, brushing your teeth… So what about making the rest of your precious time really count.

Construction companies are typically fully on. And if you’re the boss you could easily be involved in estimation, delivering quotes, design, planning permission, approvals, health and safety, trips to the merchants… But if you feel like you’re consistently wasting time then take a look at what productive people do well and what undoubtedly contributes to the success of ambitious building firms!

“Time flies but the good news is you’re the pilot” as someone cleverly put it. If you could save even 30 minutes a day, think of the goals you could achieve with a bit more time? Maybe…

  • Coming up with new marketing ideas
  • Updating your website
  • Improving your IT set-up with new software
  • Health & Safety training
  • Renewing equipment
  • Recruiting new staff and appraising current ones
  • Searching out new suppliers and merchants
  • Talking to sales reps
  • Visiting trade shows
  • Going to demos
  • Watching the odd webinar
  • Looking for new land
  • Reviewing your quantity surveyor, bank, accountant…
  1. Mark Twain said “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Do the least appetizing job first. You know the one you keep shuffling to the bottom of the pile. Get it done FIRST THING. And then you can go onto the good stuff.
  1. ‘Urgent’. Nightmare word. How much time do you spend putting out fires? Do those ‘urgent’ requests actually matter that much? Enough to keep putting off important jobs? Consider ignoring, yes ignoring, those ‘urgent’ cries for help. Or find a quick way of delegating them. In fact delegating is to be recommended full stop.
  1. ‘No’ on the other hand is a very effective word. Can you afford to give your time away that freely? Say no now and again. It’s not such a bad thing. It will actually improve your mood and make you more productive. Constantly saying yes can be more destructive.
  1. Turn your attention to one task. Multi-tasking is rarely a good thing in business. Focus on one thing and complete it. You’ll do it quicker and better.
  1. Group similar tasks and do them one after the other. You know how long it takes to get into the groove, so once you’re in it, stick with it and get it all done. You might find yourself killing two birds with one stone in the process.
  1. ‘The two-minute rule’. Obvious but clever. Handle two-minute tasks straight away. If you know it will take that short a time then do it immediately. Bang. In. Out. Done. It’s a waste of time and energy to add it to a list or have it in the back of your mind.
  1. Equally, don’t look at something and abandon it a few minutes later. As soon as something has your attention make a decision. And if it’s not a two-minute job, think about what’s required, decide on the next step or quickly delegate it. There’s that delegation word again…
  1. Ask more questions. Guessing is a great big fat waste of time. Trial and error won’t get you there faster. Employees, subbies, sales reps and customers will like you for it and you’ll save time. Win-win. And on the same theme – write it down. There’s nothing big, clever or quicker about trying to remember stuff.
  1. Pick up the phone – don’t email – there are some tasks that could be sorted in a fraction of the time with one or two phone calls.
  1. Stop jumping in and out of the van. Plan better and visit the merchants less. Get a list of all the materials for all your jobs onto paper and think logically about what you need where and when. And if that’s just not going to happen – get software that will do it for you.
  1. Stop doing things manually. There could be a number of tasks that you are currently doing by hand, with a calculator, on a note pad… that could become automated/completed by software. Spend a few hours now on your software – or find an entirely new programme such as estimation software, CAD design software or health and safety software – and save days and weeks in the long term. Honest. We should know! You can even synchronise data across programmes so you only input it once – well you can with HBXL Building Software!
  1. Shut the door and go into hiding. This will help with point 11. Even if it’s just for an hour. Say no calls, no knocks on the door, no email checking. Head down, undistracted and get the job done.
  1. Just do it! Let’s face it, decision-making really doesn’t have to be a long drawn process. Don’t overthink it. Share it with someone else. Say it out loud. Can the business afford it? Is it a worthwhile investment? Would the business benefit? Yes? Go for it.
  1. Plan ahead. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to prepare for the next one. It confirms what you’ve done that day and makes sure you have a productive tomorrow. And that includes clearing your desk. How much time do you waste looking for things?
  1. And finally – whilst all of the pointers here have been office/admin orientated, there are probably another 15 again for the construction side as well. Just for starters – choose your labourers and trades people well – it will save you time all ways round.

And if you only pick up on one point here, it’s a start. Busy isn’t always a good thing, it could be masking a few short-comings. It’s all about time management, whether you’re a house-builder, doing loft conversions, renovations or extensions.

And if we can offer any advice on using the right software tools to increase your productivity, such as HBXL’s EstimatorXpress 2017 for speedy estimating, take-offs and quoting, then give us a call on 0117 916 7898 or email sales@hbxl.co.uk - we’ve got the time if you have!

10 goals to success in 2017It’s very easy to write January off when the weather lets you down, customers too - and the odd subbie. It’s dark, wet and there’s no money around… But all is not lost, far from it – the quieter period presents a great opportunity to review your business and decide how to take it forward. So we’ve listed here 10 goals to construction success in 2017 to set you on your way.

 Construction success in 2017 Estimating Software Review your business direction - Starting with the biggie! What projects do you want and like to take on. Consider the 80/20 rule – could you concentrate on the 20 percent of the work that generates 80 percent of your revenue? And say no to the less profitable work? Do you want to diversify? What about Design & Build ? Walking is a good activity for clearing your mind and thinking afresh. Yes even builders can take an afternoon walk! Then break down your big ideas into daily, weekly or monthly actionable goals that you can measure.
Construction success in 2017 Construction Software Improve your bottom line - This usually involves 1) Raising your rates 2) Doing more work 3) Reducing your expenses. Look at the figures for last year and see how you could trim some overheads. Did your profit margins drop unnecessarily? Do you keep reducing your profit margin because of oversights? Find the leaks in your bucket.
Construction success in 2017 Building Software Stop being busy and be more productive - Busy isn’t necessarily productive. ‘What’s the point of spending your days climbing a mountain, only to realise at the end of this new year, you’ve climbed the wrong one?’ (Quote courtesy of Robin Sharma, leadership expert). Do you enter the same data into multiple documents? Put systems in place that will streamline various processes.
Construction success in 2017 Plans Software Learn to delegate - Have a good long look at your role. Do you really have to do it all? Perhaps it’s time to stop being pulled in different directions and concentrate on the bigger issues. Make a list identifying the things that someone else could do. Estimating? Speaking to suppliers? Booking subbies?
Construction success in 2017 CAD Software Review your approach to health and safety - How confident are you that you have a handle on health and safety? Are your employees and the public properly protected? Do you know what the HSE expect from you – have you properly sussed out CDM 2015? How about putting some time in the diary to gen up on it, do an online health and safety course and get others onto it as well.
Construction success in 2017 health and safety Software Review your customer service - Remember the customers pay the bills. If you want good reviews, if you want them to recommend you then make sure they stay happy. A single A4 sheet with your expectations of your employees and subbies will make sure everyone knows the policy. What about giving customers the opportunity to feedback at the end of a job – you could come up with a short questionnaire? At least make sure to ask them to give you a review.
100x-7 Research cloud computing - If you’re not already using Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or another cloud storage application, then consider the benefits they could bring you. Saving and accessing files such as estimates in the cloud are really easy, and using cloud over physical file storage can save money as well. And of course you can be anywhere and still access your files remotely. But possibly most important of all is backing up - a must if you don’t want to lose something important following a systems failure or malfunction.
100x-8 Promote your business better - It needn’t be anything grand. What about updating your website (you have got one haven’t you?)? How out of date are the projects on there? What about a Facebook page? Perhaps it’s time for new livery for the vehicles, new polo shirts, some better signs? Sponsor a team or event. Whatever, put together a list, add some time frames and make them happen. And why not book in a bit of marketing training on this – some short courses are available to do from home or office.
100x-9 Become a tiny little bit of a geek - You don’t have to know your Bytes from your RAM but technology really will help you work more effectively, which means faster computers and clever software. Make a point of keeping up with new and changing technology that would impact you directly. Don’t just think about power drills and the latest plasterboard. What IT could you invest in to make your business run more smoothly?
100x-10 Commit to new learning - Your business has to stay safe and compliant. Put some remote online health and safety training on the calendar. And why not think about learning a new skill. Find out about software for designing your own extensions and loft conversions for instance.

Want more advice on construction success?

We hope our 10 goals to construction success in 2017 proves helpful. If you would like any more advice on streamlining your processes, tightening up on admin and improving your profit margins, give one of the team here at HBXL a call on 0117 916 7898. Our suite of software is aimed exclusively at the builder and developer and was founded by a builder who knows only too well about the pressures of running a successful business. Have a great 2017!

Tips to improve your building company with the EstimatorXpress My Projects toolset

Want to make a higher profit by managing your construction company better? Follow our tips to improve your building company by making your projects work for you. Bringing estimation software on board to help your building firm can provide more benefit than just faster and more accurate estimating. Read on to find out about one of the many hidden advantages of investing in estimating software.

Why estimating software?

It’s written all over our website. EstimatorXpress will save you time, money and effort producing estimates and can guarantee 100% accuracy. But, EstimatorXpress is way more than just an award winning estimation program as it provides trades, builders and developers with a range of reports and charts to help them manage their projects once the job has been won (and EstimatorXpress  users win up to 230% more business!).

Hidden benefits of the best estimation software

Firstly, EstimatorXpress helps protect your profit through calculating likely wastage, inflation and wear and tear costs on your plant. It is often easy to forget to factor in the wear and tear of a shovel, wheelbarrow or perhaps the use of a tube of mastic lying in the van. All these items erode your profit if they aren’t accounted for properly, and EstimatorXpress calculates these for you automatically.

Secondly all the reports and charts EstimatorXpress produces directly (and instantly!) from your estimate are enough reason alone to invest in the software. It automatically produces over 80 plus helpful management reports automatically from your estimate data (no typing required!). These include detailed cost breakdowns so you can see where your money is going exactly, cutting lists, material schedules (Bill of quantities) and labour schedules and tonne more – check them out here. Not to mention profit forecasts, stage payment profiles and cashflow to keep you in the black on your jobs.

Thirdly a really important toolset for business-savvy builders is “My Projects”. ‘My Projects’ is a module found in EstimatorXpress Total Toolkit versions and above that can multiply the benefits of the reports outlined above by allowing trades, builders and developers to manage all their jobs with ease. By linking individual jobs together as a Workload Project you can see total cost reports, complete schedules of materials, build programmes, order schedules, cashflow and profit for your entire company’s workload as a whole. Plus you can see exactly how much money the company is proposed to make over the next X months. This can help you make informed business decisions about expansion, taking on staff, or purchasing new equipment such as a van. Watch the video to see My Projects in action.

What is ‘My Projects’?

As we mentioned above, My Projects allows you to take a combined view of all your projects together in order to enhance the overall management of workload, cashflow, materials, labour and more. Looking at all your work together, whether simultaneous jobs or back-to-back, allows for further time, effort and cost cutting advantages.

Tips to improve your building company


Tip 1)tips to improve your building company My-Projects

Use the detailed cost reports of your combined workload together with cashflow reports (instantly produced off the back of your estimates) to show the outflow of money from your business, which highlights when you’ll need to see stage payments from clients or finance/bank lending coming in.

Tip 2)

If you’re looking for development finance the cost and cashflow reports in My Projects will help secure you finance. The software allows you to instantly produce a multi-unit/site cashflow combined with total detailed costs for the bank or lender showing exactly where the money is going.

Tip 3)

Every building firm will find the Gantt chart of all the projects you have underway and forecast useful. See exactly where your jobs or projects are, how they overlap or gaps you have in workload. Plan your projects to perfection!

Tip 4)

Use the labour schedules and Gantt chart together to know what labour you need and when. Avoid over-stretching your company and schedule your preferred subcontractors in advance.

Tip 5)

Improve your bargaining power with builders merchants by supplying them with a more complete, forward view of your material requirements. That way you can increase discounts and avoid endless (expensive!) trips to the merchants. One trip to agree a good deal on the entire job with delivery to suit your build program.

Tip 6)

What about a profit forecast based on all your projects? See how much money you’re making and from which projects – and do more of those!

There are over 80 reports in My Projects to help your business. The above is a shortlist of just 6. The potential money and time saving benefits of properly managing and analysing the way you work is what separates a good building firm from a great building firm.

Combine EstimatorXpress with ProjectXpert and you’ve got super-powers…

How My Projects can help Trades, Builders and Developers

Trades who have many small projects on can benefit by being able to see their continuous workflow.

Small-scale builders can use My Projects to move seamlessly from one project to the next. This avoids costly gaps in workload.

Large-scale builders can use My Projects to manage multiple, simultaneous projects. This prevents companies over extending themselves financially or in terms of labour.

Developers can use My Projects to keep an eye on all work for an entire site or even multiple sites, being able to order materials in bulk, shift labour around for optimal efficiency and stay on top of cash flow.

Didn’t realise EstimatorXpress did all that? Want to know what else it can do?

All that is just one of the many hidden benefits of choosing EstimatorXpress as your estimating software. If you want to know any more about the My Projects module or anything else that EstimatorXpress can do, give us a call on 0117 9167898. We’d love to chat.

how to improve construction productivityDo you ever feel like you’re wasting time? Even if you’re meeting your targets, do you wonder whether there is a better way? Thousands of building firms have found a way to spend less time estimating, win more work, stick to deadlines and budget and all with considerably less effort. How? By embracing a software solution. Read on to discover how HBXL’s Productivity Bundle could help your building firm improve construction productivity and return a higher profit.

Building software to manage every stage of your project efficiently

All HBXL products are integrated for a complete end-to-end experience and designed with ease of use in mind. Start with plans and share the information across the range to produce everything you need to run a project from start to finish effectively. Let us take you through the steps.

One, draft an architect quality building plan effortlessly in PlansXpress using simple drag and drop tools. No CAD knowledge needed! (Or if you have been given plans from your client, simply scan and trace them to make alterations and capture essential construction information such as dimensions and specification).

Two, using these details imported directly into EstimatorXpress, the software does an almost instant take-off of the plan, producing a 100% accurate estimate of your build costs as well as many handy documents to help you run your project more efficiently and impress your customer. Including Gantt chart, schedules of works (JIT labour, plant and materials), cashflow forecasts, stage payments and a customer quote – all produced automatically off the back of your estimate. Just print!

Three, import your estimate into Health & Safety Xpert and it will use your job specifications to automatically generate all the required health and safety documents you need including Risk Assessments, Construction Phase Plans, site checklists and audits to ensure that you meet required HSE compliance including CDM 2015 and CHAS.

Four, import your estimate into ContractsXpert and it will use your estimate details to directly prepare a watertight customer building contract and ensure you meet Doorstep Selling regulations, as well as properly contracting with your subcontractors.

Five, use ProjectXpert to ensure you run the most productive construction project possible. Plus, manage multiple, simultaneous jobs and keep track of how your whole year is panning out at any point, not just at the end! If you’re thinking you don’t normally have more than one job at once, then you really need to try the software. You don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Too much to talk about!

The Productivity Bundle has so many features that will help you run a more effective, efficient and ultimately profitable business that there is no way we could fit it all in this short article so give us a call on 0117 9167898 to see what it can do for your business.

Latest construction software developments

At HBXL we are committed to regular development to make sure our users have the best and latest construction software on the market. Read on to find out what our latest construction software developments are and when you can get your hands on them…

EstimatorXpress Spring update

To most, it will only feel like the beginning of the year but at HBXL we are already working on an update for our recent EstimatorXpress 2017 launch! The new improvements come from our Business Support Manager, Ed Britten, working in tandem with a long time user and supporter of HBXL, Lee Goodwin of Oakleafe Property Services. Lee focuses mostly on renovations and insurance work (at quite a scale of operation) so is the perfect building firm to work with on enhancements to this area of EstimatorXpress .

We think that listening to our users’ suggestions and ideas is an essential part of our development process and we are sure this plays a huge part in why our software is so well received by builders, developers and judging panels alike. Below I have outlined the first wave of improvements stemming from our work with Lee and there’s more to come!

Internal property protection workbooks

These are all about calculating the costs of safeguarding the existing property whilst internal works take place. For example, zip walls and floor protection to prevent dust and dirt of the site and materials from damaging the existing property the builder is working in.

Replacement floor covering workbooks

We have all new replacement floor covering workbooks including assorted new ceramic tile, porcelain tile and stone floor systems as well as engineered wood flooring and floating floors.

ProjectXpert Spring update

Following on from the success of the ribbon feature addition into EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress, we have added a new ribbon feature to ProjectXpert! This new feature allows for easier and faster navigation as well as the improved benefit of a similar user experience across the software range.

Health & Safety Xpert update

Coming soon to Health & Safety Xpert is a new record for Hand Arm Vibration exposure (HAVS). This addition is to work in collaboration with our recent Hand Arm Vibration Risk Assessment that was part of our latest health and safety software update. The new form helps builders and developers keep track of the time spent using hand held power tools to help them ensure that no staff exceed the daily limit as noted in the RA.

As usual all Health & Safety Xpert updates come with a general review of all the regulations to make sure all our builders are following the most recent requirements.

Keep up to date or get left behind!

At HBXL we firmly believe that if you aren’t up to date then you’re behind. Whether this is in relation to software developments or staying on top of latest regulation changes, the costs of falling behind can be severe. Give us a call on 0117 9167892 to make sure you’re software is up to date.

estimating software designed for estimating teamsEstimatorXpress 2017 Enterprise edition provides a range of essential collaboration tools for estimating departments. The powerful Manager & Collaborator feature set, synchronises company “settings” to ensure everyone in the team is using latest Price Books, Specifications, Quote templates, Custom Workbooks (Estimating calculators) and more…It also allows estimators to save their work to either Server or the Cloud from where other team members can locate an estimate and collaborate on it before saving it back to the same location.

Ensure everyone in the estimating team is using the same company data

EstimatorXpress 2017 Enterprise edition comes with smart Manager/Collaborator tools.

The “Manager” licence synchronises settings with the “Collaborator” licences to ensure all estimators are working with the same data:

  • Price Book (prices and who your suppliers/contractors are)
  • Typical specifications
  • Report styles
  • Company quote templates
  • Custom workbooks (estimating calculators)

“Collaborators” save their estimates to the Cloud or Server so that they are backed up and secure. Furthermore other team members can be invited to contribute to the estimate. Don’t worry, if an estimator has the file already open, another can’t open it, which avoids the unnecessary hassle of version control.

This easy accessibility to estimates, simplifies a managers difficulties with holidays and time off as jobs can easily be picked up by anyone in the team.

How much does EstimatorXpress 2017 Enterprise edition cost?

The primary computer; the “Manager” is £1,749+VAT for EstimatorXpress 2017 Enterprise edition.

For each of the “collaborators” you will need an EstimatorXpress 2017 Enterprise LIVE additional licence who will be working on different computers. These are priced £349+VAT each.

And finally there is a small monthly subscription fee of £9.99+VAT per user/per month.

Do call us to discuss your options on 0117 9167898 and we can best advise on the package you need.

What can it do?

Software features & types of work you can estimate Enterprise Edition
£1,749+ LIVE Additional user licences @ £349 & £9.99+VAT per month
New Buildings
Apartments & Flats
Loft Conversions
Renovations (internal & external)
Maintenance & Alterations
Groundworks (foundations, footings, slabs, paving, driveways)
Walling (internal & external inc brick & block, timber frame, partition, stone, rendered)
Roofing inc dormers and roof windows
Windows & doors, (internal & external), Conservatories
Structural openings
Basic domestic electrics
Painting & decorating
Kitchens and bathrooms
Basic Landscaping
Subcontract Quotations
Basic domestic plumbing & heating
Advanced plumbing & heating
New Build Basements & Retaining Walls
Office Refits
Shop Fitting
SIPS & ICF Walls
Creates professional quotes, covering letters and t&c’s
Automatic production of 80+ professional reports (cost reports & tasklists, materials order schedules, cashflow and profit analysis)
Live material price link to Jewson, Travis Perkins, Graham, Keyline, TradePoint and more
Job Management, Gantt charts and labour schedules
Variations and amendments tools
Import & export into and out of MS Excel and Word
My Projects to combine& manage multiple jobs
PowerPack Advanced tool to create own EstimatorXpress estimating calculators
Stage Payments Generation Tool
Invoice Generation Tools
Manager/Collaborator Toolset

Give us a call

If you want to know more about how the server/cloud connection and manager collaboration features can help your business give us a call on 0117 9167898 and we can talk you through the advantages specific to you and your company.

cloud estimating softwareStore, share and locate all your estimate files easily and securely in the Cloud or Server. All the advantages of working on your estimates offline on your desktop, combined with the benefits of multi-device, multi-location and collaboration features of cloud estimation software. No version conflicts! Empower your business to get organised.

The Evolution of estimating. Cloud connected estimation software.

HBXL estimating software EstimatorXpress provides a range of powerful back-up and collaboration tools, which even the smallest of building firms will benefit from.

The latest update to EstimatorXpress 2017, includes tools to ensure estimates are always safe and secured to the back-up system of choice; either in the Cloud or Server. Combine this with the brand new EstimatorXpress 2017 LIVE additional licence and the real power is unleashed!

Smaller building companies will appreciate being able to save to Cloud from one device, and then continue working on a second device (which is running an EstimatorXpress LIVE additional licence) before saving back to Cloud.

Medium sized building companies will profit from the ability to save estimates to either their Server or Cloud from where other team members can locate an estimate and collaborate on it.

And for larger firms with bigger estimating teams, we’re proud to introduce the all new EstimatorXpress Enterprise edition and its powerful Manager & Collaborator feature set, which synchronises the company “settings” to ensure everyone in the team is using latest Price Books, Specifications, Quote templates, Custom Workbooks (Estimating calculators) and more…

Estimate, share and collaborate as standard! It’s what you asked for…

  1. Would you like to be able to save / back-up your estimates to the Cloud?

Now you have the power. All versions of EstimatorXpress 2017 onwards can now save your estimates to a Cloud Drive of your choice (such as Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive).

  1. Would you like to be able to save / back-up your estimates to a server?

Well now you can! All versions of EstimatorXpress 2017 onwards can now save estimates to a server.

  1. Would you like to continue working on estimates on a different device? For example starting a job at work on your office PC and finish it at home on your laptop?

Totally doable! Once saved to cloud or USB drive, if you’re running EstimatorXpress 2017 LIVE additional licence on a secondary device you can access your estimate, continue working on it and save it back to the same location without the hassle.

  1. Do you need to collaborate with others on an estimate that you commenced?

Now possible – thanks to some nifty work by our development team. Once estimates are saved to the Cloud Drive or Server, if your colleague is running EstimatorXpress 2017 LIVE additional licence on their machine, they can access the estimate, continue working on it, then save it back to the same location ready for you to review it. And don’t worry, if either of you have the file already open, you can’t both open it, which avoids the unnecessary hassle of version control.

  1. Is it essential for everyone in your estimating department to all be estimating using the same company data?

Our developers have got this nailed too! Enter EstimatorXpress 2017 Enterprise edition with smart Manager/Collaborator tools. To make management of your whole team even easier, you can now synchronise settings between different versions of EstimatorXpress. Ensure everyone is working with the same:manager-collaborator

  • Price Book data (prices and who your suppliers/contractors are)
  • Typical specifications
  • Report styles
  • Company quote templates
  • Custom workbooks (estimating calculators)

Every member of the team (“the Collaborators”) will be in synch with the “Manager” licence. Combine this with the ability to save estimates to the Cloud or Server, and EstimatorXpress 2017 LIVE licences for each estimator, and the result is uniform service across the business with the team able to work more efficiently through smart collaboration. This simplifies a managers difficulties with holidays and time off as jobs can easily be picked up by anyone in the team.

What’s in it for me?

Whether you want to back-up securely, simply carry on working on a job on a different device or invite others within your business to contribute to putting quotes together you’ll see that EstimatorXpress 2017 really is the best connected software on the market.

Give us a call

If you want to know more about how the server / cloud connection and manager collaboration features can help your business give us a call on 0117 9167898 and we can talk you through the advantages specific to you and your company.

Award winning Support Service results

At HBXL we pride ourselves on providing the best quality Support from the moment you begin speaking with us which is why we’re very pleased to have received an award for Excellence in Customer Service. Read on to find out more about the award, how our Support separates us from the competition and the most recent results of our regular Support Team survey…

Softech Award for Excellence in Customer Service UK 2016

Softech are a tech publication read by over 43,000 software industry personnel. They have carefully scrutinised HBXL over the past 12 months, and rigorously compared us to our competitors to discover that we are worthy of an award for excellence in customer service!

Recognition like this and the positive responses of our users, makes all the work worthwhile. Our Support Team tirelessly strive to help ensure every user of any IT capability is able to get the most out of the software. Whether it is providing a helpful, friendly voice 9-5 every working day, walk-through videos, remote login or one of the many other resources we provide, we’re always happy to help. Having looked at our competitors we know the level of support we provide is another thing that makes HBXL Building Software stand out from the rest as no one else offers the level of assistance and the commitment we do on a daily basis. This is why we are extra happy to have received this Support service award!

Support Service results

Since we began asking for feedback on every Support query, we have consistently been rated above 9/10 for customer satisfaction. It is nice to be able to back up our customer satisfaction results with a customer service award to really demonstrate the level of Support we provide. But we’re not going to let it get to our heads! Take a look at our recent support results.


Support Service testimonials

Another way to work out whether our award winning Support service really cuts the mustard is by reading what some of our users have said about us. All of the statements below are from real builders responding to a short questionnaire after their Support query has been dealt with. We of course wouldn’t want users to feel pressure to respond positively so some have chosen to remain anonymous.

It’s a service I would not like to be without. Time is money for me & speed of response keeps me earning. Andrew Johns. AJ Design

I have been using the software for many years now and I know for a fact that you won’t get a better support service from any of the similar branded estimating software companies, as keenly priced and as helpful as the staff at HBXL. They are patient and do there upmost best at all times to help. After all said and done, this software is aimed at people in the building industry and they understand we’re not all computer programmers!!! Keep up the good service HBXL. Neil Kenah, Millbrook Building Solutions Ltd

Excellent customer service…akin to John Lewis! Steve Wright

Gentleman was very polite and talked through everything they were doing in simple terms so that I could understand as I’m no tech expert and didn’t feel patronised.

Very professional and polite. Thank You 10/10.

Give us a call!

If you have any issue, big or small, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re always happy to help. The Support line is 0117 916 7899. If want to make the most of our award winning Support service and you need to get your Support & Updates back in line, give us a call on 0117 916 7892 or if you need to talk about purchasing any of our software call us on 0117 9167898. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tried and trusted construction calculator

EstimatorXpress is the multi award winning construction cost calculating software with more than just powerful, accurate estimating built in. The software is packed full of features to help builders manage profitable building projects, save time and win more work. Having produced comfortably over 500,000 estimates and used by over 12,000 builders and developers nationwide, we think it is safe to say the software has been well and truly Tried & Tested! Read on to hear why the ‘best estimation software 2016’ is recommended by 94% of our customers and how to get our new 30 day free trial…

The fastest, most accurate construction calculator – Try it free!

If you’re looking for a faster way to produce accurate and professional estimates then EstimatorXpress is your guy! The software has hundreds of in-built estimating calculators that take you through step by step, on-screen drawings with areas to input dimensions and simple yes/no questions. The construction calculators then costs and itemises the work for you in a matter of minutes. PLUS, we have now added an extra estimating navigation ribbon and a new ‘fast-track’ Estimating Wizard to further increase time saved. In our last survey (before these speed additions) the average builder saved 468 hours estimating time each year!

Calculate for all types of domestic construction projects and combine scopes.

EstimatorXpress makes light work of complex projects and is perfect for a whole range of domestic construction projects whilst remaining straightforward. The software has been designed by builders, for builders so it has intelligent construction knowledge built in but also retains a user friendly experience to make it accessible to IT novices. You can use EstimatorXpress to estimate new builds, extensions, loft conversions, renovations and more with over 350 construction calculators designed specifically for purpose.

EstimatorXpress – part of the award winning HBXL family

HBXL Building Software is a family business with MD and Father Adrian Wild at the top working alongside brothers, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and in-laws throughout the years. This family ethic is brought right through our company and even into our software! The whole of HBXL’s range is related and connected allowing users to quickly and easily import files to save even more time estimating or producing other construction docs. Follow this link to see how they all link together for a fast, accurate and professional end-to-end experience.

Family doesn’t end there with HBXL. We extend our affections out to all our builder users with our award winning Support Team and wide range of training and resources to help make sure every user gets the most out of their software.

Join the family!

We’re a big family but there’s always room for more! We like making it easy for builders and developers (which is why we created the software!) but we also make it easy to see it. Give us a call on 0117 9167898 to get a free 30 day trial of all our software – no credit card details required! Plus, we’ll set up a live demonstration to run you through it and get you on your way. Give it a try today!

HSE inspections | Now is the time to make sure you’ve got your health and safety in order!

With the HSE rolling out more inspections and the number of prosecutions on the rise now is a very important time to talk to us about our health and safety software.

Why now?HSE inspections builders

Clearly health and safety is not something to mess around with. Nor are the unlimited fines, fees for intervention and potentially company closing prosecutions that can come from not just accidents but having the appropriate paperwork to hand when a HSE inspector shows up nor being able to demonstrate to them a thorough awareness of the legislation, even if no breach has actually occurred.

There are many examples of recent notices where firms simply didn’t have a Construction Phase Plan in place or didn’t have suitable hand washing facilities in place. All offences are saved to the online public register where prosecutions are saved for at least 5 years! For example;

“Contractor – Failed as a contractor to plan, manage and monitor construction work – Regulation 15(2) of Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015 Employer – Failed to discharge its duty under Regulation 7(1) of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 – Did not control exposure of employees to Respirable Crystaline Silica – fine £16,000, Total Costs Awarded to HSE £1,377.45.

Check out the Prosecutions database and see for yourself. http://www.hse.gov.uk/prosecutions/

Other than a rather larger number of inspections (which you may well have avoided so far) and a clear focus on small to medium building firms, there has also been a large rise in the number of fees for interventions as well as a rise in the number of prosecutions so it appears the HSE has a rigorous regime of inspections in place.

Why health and safety software?HSE inspections

Health & Safety Xpert is the easiest and fastest way to ensure that you have everything in place to meet your health and safety requirements. This is because the software automatically lines up all the paperwork and health and safety precautions that you should be completing based on your job specification. Every document you could possibly need including Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Construction Phase Plan and more. Then it’s simply a matter of filling in the finer details to complete and printing off ready to inform your site actions and/or saving to your preferred cloud storage provider so they can be on hand whenever needed.

Why the urgency?

The HSE have announced that their aim is to complete at least 20,000 inspections in their 2016 – 2017 annual service plan with the intention of repeating or growing this in the following year. Given that there are approximately 50,000 VAT registered building firms in the UK (ONS, 2016), firms have for a fairly high chance of being randomly spot checked. So best to be sure you’ve got everything in place!

I’ve never needed health and safety software before, why would I now?

HBXL have been doing some research into the common reasons that firms failed on inspection. We found that many, seemingly small things like a access to a loo, lack of a Construction Phase health and safety plan, or  failure to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles could move wit
hout risk has caused fines and failures. Take a look at the full article here.

What happens to my software if health and safety regulations change?

You’re thinking that having all your health and safety sorted for you, automatically, based on your job specs would be great. The peace of mind that, when asked, you can provide all required docs with no hassle would be amazing but what happens to the software if there are regulation changes?

Health & Safety Xpert is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is up to date with the latest regulations and all you need to do is download an update any time there are changes. As long as you have Support and Updates in place (which are free for the first year and include our award winning support service) then your software is futureproof. Never get caught out by regulation changes again!

health-and-safety-software-risk-assessmentHealth and safety software from award winning building software providers

Want to know more about Health & Safety Xpert? We haven’t even told you the best bit! All HBXL Building Software products are integrated with X-Connex connectivity! That means that if you own EstimatorXpress you can import all the information from your estimate to automatically produce your health and safety documentation! Almost no typing required! Don’t believe us? Give us a call on 0117 9167898 and we’ll be happy to show you how and set you up with a free 30 day demo on all of our software. We look forward to your call.