PlansXpress Upgrade Annual Subscription

Upgrade to the latest PlansXpress 2022 if you're running PlansXpress v.1-5, 2019 or 2020 and receive all the new features.

Updates to PlansXpress 2022:

  • Brand new roofing tools to handle more complex roof lines
  • Improved ease of use including new roof editing tools you can apply to your roof on the fly without having to completely redraw the roof.
  • New roofs such as Mansard, Gablet (Dutch Gable) and Gambrel.
  • Brand new 3D roofing symbols to enhance 3D outputs including
    • Ridge tiles
    • Flashing - horizontal or stepped
    • Gable end detailing (cement gable fillet or dry verge system)
    • Box valleys
    • Gutters and downpipes
    • Parapet Walls
  • Brand new IFC export to BIM Viewers for BIM compatibility (e.g. freeware BIM Vision)
  • Cuts holes in roofs when placing rooflights/chimneys etc for even more accurate estimation.

See the full breakdown of what's new in PlansXpress 2022 here.

Please note that PlansXpress 2022 is only compatible with EstimatorXpress 2022.

When you upgrade to PlansXpress 2022, you'll also benefit from these features released in PlansXpress 2021:

  • 300+ brand new 3D symbols including:
    • Balconies
    • Triangular windows
    • Fencing
    • Porches
    • Radiators
    • Brick detailing
    • Foundations
    • Electrical fittings
    • Drainage items
  • 40+ new estimated items available to draw including:
    • Channel drains
    • Floor finishes
    • Additional electrical items
  • New viewport functionality

And if you're running an older version, you can see what you’ve missed from PlansXpress 2020 here

    Our subscription option gives you a 12-month software licence, which includes our Support & Updates Plan. Annual renewal will give you continued access to your files and the software, together with software updates and over-the-phone support without which it will disable. The alternative is a perpetual licence. Read about both options here.

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