PlansXpress Upgrade Annual Subscription

Upgrade to the latest PlansXpress 2020 if you're running v.1-5 along with a further 12 months Support & Updates and receive all the new features including:

Included in PlansXpress 2020

  • New 3D Architectural Symbols
  • New 3D Preview Window
  • Enhanced 3D Viewer
  • Plus much more! 

Please note that PlansXpress 2020 is only compatible with EstimatorXpress 2020.

Included in PlansXpress 2019 

  • A brand-new drawing mode allows for solid, easy to sketch wall styles that make tracing easy and are great to present to customers. Just click Toggle Drawing Mode for a slick new look.
  • New Scan & Trace ribbon. The new Import Drawing Wizard allows for all imported content to be managed in one place. The new Measure Image Scale tool is a brand-new feature that allows quick and easy scaling of PDFs. In a few simple clicks an imported PDF plan can be set at the correct scale without the need for any calculation.
  • PlansXpress can now bring in PDF’s with a high level of clarity, making tracing easier than it has ever been.
  • Improved on-board 3D Model panel (visibility – one click to turn things on and off the 3D model and new backgrounds)
  • New 'Level' ribbon allows you to see wall outlines (intelli trace walls) from other levels, very handy when placing suspended floors. You can also now move the reference point of an existing level.
  • The Print Preview dialog box has had a makeover.
  • Room fill tools. With a selection of workbooks such as Irregular Shaped Slab, once you have entered your dimensions, just hover the mouse over the room and press "F" to fill the room with your slab or ceiling!

  • Elevation hatching has been improved in terms of reliability and speed of hatching. Horizontal and vertical cladding hatch patterns have been added too.

  • PlansXpress has a new advanced mouse menu, with an option to use the middle mouse or the right click, you can personalise its use. Brand-new options allow you to new select a whole roof from a single roof line, draw another of the thing you are selected on (Draw using this specification) or bring in new construction line or annotation tools.

Our subscription option gives you a 12-month software licence, which includes our Support & Updates Plan. Annual renewal will give you continued access to your files and the software, together with software updates and over-the-phone support without which it will disable. The alternative is a perpetual licence. Read about both options here.

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