EstimatorXpress Upgrade Annual Subscription

Upgrade to the latest version of EstimatorXpress 2022 if you're running EstimatorXpress 2020 or older. 

All versions of EstimatorXpress pre-2021 will no longer be updated. This includes Price Tracker. Price Tracker+ was introduced alongside EstimatorXpress 2019 onwards.

Updates to EstimatorXpress 2022:

  • Smart Scheduler now features in Plus and Premium versions of EstimatorXpress 2022 as well as Ultimate editions if Support & Updates in place.
  • Smart Scheduler now has the option for unpriced product descriptions in Smart Scheduler reports (requires Smart Scheduler option).
  • Speed optimisation when switching between reports.
  • Ability to estimate new PlansXpress 2022 roofs including Mansard, Gablet (Dutch Gable) and Gambrel.
  • Brand new Mini Spec for tiling to dormer walls.

See the full breakdown of what's new in EstimatorXpress 2022 here.

    Please note that EstimatorXpress 2022 is only compatible with PlansXpress 2022, Health & Safety Xpert 2022, ContractsXpert 2022 & ProjectXpert 2022. 

    When you upgrade to EstimatorXpress 2022, you'll also benefit from these features of EstimatorXpress 2021:

    • Brand new estimating calculators:
      • Boxing in
      • Non slip vinyl flooring
      • Doc M bathroom
      • Pad foundations
      • Lead box gutters
    • Over 90 new estimating calculators can be estimated through a quote template (provided you have a licence giving you access to use the calculators) including:
      • 8 additional boiler calculators
      • Gas pipes
      • Shop doors & windows
      • Custom size doors & windows
      • Replacement windows
      • Fitted kitchen & utility room fitting out
      • Garage conversion related estimating calculators
      • Corner structural openings
      • Blank calculators (composite items, area, perimeter, volume)
    • Print function added to the build programme

      For the full list of what's included in EstimatorXpress 2021, please check out the features here.

      And if you're running an older version, you can see what you’ve missed from EstimatorXpress 2020 here.

      Our subscription option gives you a 12-month software licence, which includes our Support & Updates Plan. Annual renewal will give you continued access to your files and the software, together with software updates and over-the-phone support without which it will disable. The alternative is a perpetual licence. Read about both options here.


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