ContractsXpert Upgrade Outright Purchase

If you own ContractsXpert 2020 or older you'll need to upgrade to the latest version. 

Check out what's new in ContractsXpert 2022 here.

On upgrading to ContractsXpert 2022, you'll also benefit from these features released in ContractsXpert 2021:

  • Alternative quotation letter for re-pricing the job nearer commencement if agreeing to a project that is some months from starting.
  • New clauses to provide additional protection - so that the price can be altered in exceptional circumstances e.g. pandemic or legal obligation that could not be reasonably foreseen.
  • Updated definition of “Insolvency Event” in both subcontractor and client contracts.

And if you're running an older version, you'll be taking advantage of these features from ContractsXpert 2020 here.

    Please note that the contracts contained with ContractsXpert 2022 follow contractual law for England & Wales. 

    Please note that ContractsXpert 2022 is only compatible with EstimatorXpress 2022.

    Our perpetual option is the one-time purchase of a lifetime software licence. It includes our Support and Updates Plan, free for the first 12 months. At the year-end, paid renewal of the Plan will give you continued access to software updates and over-the-phone support. The alternative licence is subscription. Read about both options here.

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