PlansXpress Upgrade Outright Purchase

Upgrade to the latest PlansXpress 2024 if you're running PlansXpress 2022 or older. You'll receive all the new features, along with a further 12 months' Support & Updates.

All versions of PlansXpress pre-2024 are no longer updated with new features. 

Updates to PlansXpress 2024

  • 12 new drawable items: Flitch Beam, Window, Window to Existing Wall, Fire Protection Consumables, Fire Alarm System, Windpost, Retrofit Timber Floor Insulation, Fire Door FD60, Fire Door FD60 to Existing Wall, Double Fire Door FD60, Double Fire Door FD60 to Existing Wall, Removal of Floor Screed

See the full breakdown of what's new in PlansXpress 2024 here.

Please note that PlansXpress 2024 is only compatible with EstimatorXpress 2024.

When you upgrade to PlansXpress 2024, you'll also benefit from all the features of PlansXpress 2023:

  • All new wall estimating calculators which allow for greater flexibility in specification, and ease of swapping to different systems.
  • A much simplified process for drawing timber frame walls.
  • Many more wall specification options to choose from and the external leaf/external finish will change to a suitable texture for the wall in 3D.
  • The ability to draw eaves and gable parapet walls.
  • Improvement for the real-time view of 3D Photo Visualiser when using AMD graphics acceleration.

See the full breakdown of what was introduced in PlansXpress 2023 here.

    Our perpetual option is the one-time purchase of a lifetime software licence. It includes our Support and Updates Plan, free for the first 12 months. At the year-end, paid renewal of the Plan will give you continued access to software updates and over-the-phone support. The alternative licence is subscription. Read about both options here.

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