EstimatorXpress Invoice Generator Bonus Pack Annual Subscription

It's the moment you builders have been waiting for! You’ll now be able to raise invoices for your customers - and export them as a variety of document types! The Bonus Pack will also allow you to generate credit notes linked to invoices already raised or by a custom amount.

Invoices and credit notes will be created from within a job, in the Outputs section of EstimatorXpress. It merges the customer’s details from the job and allows you to see all the invoices for a project, all in one place. The Invoice Generator Bonus Pack will allow you to invoice by:

  • Build phase or various percentages of build phases
  • Specifying a set figure (part payments or the entire job) 
  • Valuation of work completed 

The Invoice Generator Bonus Pack can also be used in conjunction with the Stage Payment Bonus Pack – allowing you to schedule payments from the customer and then create automatic invoices.

The price shown is for a full year’s subscription to this product. If you are part way through an existing subscription, please call the team on 0117 916 7892 and they will calculate the price for the remainder of your subscription.

Please note that an underlying active and up-to-date version of EstimatorXpress is required for this product to function.


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