EstimatorXpress Basements & Retaining Walls Bonus Pack Outright Purchase

The Basements & Retaining Walls Bonus Pack includes 11 extra workbooks for estimating the cost of building basements below ground and for accurately costing any job that involves the construction of basements or retaining walls. Workbooks include:

Basement Floor Slab | Raft with Shuttering | Raft Foundation with Toe | Blockwork & Concrete Basement Wall | Blockwork & Concrete Retaining Wall| Brick, Block & Concrete Basement Wall | Brick, Block & Concrete Retaining Wall | Concrete Basement Wall | Concrete Retaining Wall | Hollow Block & Concrete Basement Wall | Hollow Block & Concrete Retaining Wall

To operate this Bonus Pack, you need to be using the latest EstimatorXpress, with Support & Updates in place.


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