PlansXpress Take-off Edition Annual Subscription

Take-off building plans to import into EstimatorXpress for an automatic estimate. 

PlansXpress 2020 Take-off Edition is an add-on to EstimatorXpress 2020 (you must own EstimatorXpress 2020) or above. It allows you to take-off building plans by tracing them and importing the captured dimensions, count of objects and specification into EstimatorXpress where the project is automatically costed in detail. The two packages work seamlessly together to create professional, business-winning estimates and quotations from the plans.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PlansXpress 2020 Take-off Edition requires EstimatorXpress or above to function. It is not a stand-alone product. Compatible with any major CAD file format including PDF/DWG/DXF/JPEG building plans

TOP TIP: To draw quality plans from scratch (as well as take-off), why not upgrade to PlansXpress 2020, our full CAD package?


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