BuildProjex - 5 User Annual Subscription

You know how stressful managing multiple construction jobs can be? Keeping track of the tasks everyone’s been assigned, where plant and materials need to be and when, laying hands on all the latest documents… Well, BuildProjex is here to make your life so much easier. It’s our first cloud-based software tool. And it’s a game-changer. Put it on your laptop, your mobile phone, and your tablet. Check it at your desk, on site, in the van, on holiday… And importantly, add relevant users. Your employees, your subbies, even your customers (you have the power to decide what level of access each user has). Now you can Plan, Track, Share and Manage your building projects the easy way. You’re in control.

What you get in a 5 user annual subscription

All the features for the subscriber and four other members. Plus, unlimited authorised guests, such as clients and subcontractors who are given limited access by the subscriber to view specified information.


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