Latest construction software developments – coming soon!

Latest construction software developments

At HBXL we are committed to regular development to make sure our users have the best and latest construction software on the market. Read on to find out what our latest construction software developments are and when you can get your hands on them…

EstimatorXpress Spring update

To most, it will only feel like the beginning of the year but at HBXL we are already working on an update for our recent EstimatorXpress 2017 launch! The new improvements come from our Business Support Manager, Ed Britten, working in tandem with a long time user and supporter of HBXL, Lee Goodwin of Oakleafe Property Services. Lee focuses mostly on renovations and insurance work (at quite a scale of operation) so is the perfect building firm to work with on enhancements to this area of EstimatorXpress .

We think that listening to our users’ suggestions and ideas is an essential part of our development process and we are sure this plays a huge part in why our software is so well received by builders, developers and judging panels alike. Below I have outlined the first wave of improvements stemming from our work with Lee and there’s more to come!

Internal property protection workbooks

These are all about calculating the costs of safeguarding the existing property whilst internal works take place. For example, zip walls and floor protection to prevent dust and dirt of the site and materials from damaging the existing property the builder is working in.

Replacement floor covering workbooks

We have all new replacement floor covering workbooks including assorted new ceramic tile, porcelain tile and stone floor systems as well as engineered wood flooring and floating floors.

ProjectXpert Spring update

Following on from the success of the ribbon feature addition into EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress, we have added a new ribbon feature to ProjectXpert! This new feature allows for easier and faster navigation as well as the improved benefit of a similar user experience across the software range.

Health & Safety Xpert update

Coming soon to Health & Safety Xpert is a new record for Hand Arm Vibration exposure (HAVS). This addition is to work in collaboration with our recent Hand Arm Vibration Risk Assessment that was part of our latest health and safety software update. The new form helps builders and developers keep track of the time spent using hand held power tools to help them ensure that no staff exceed the daily limit as noted in the RA.

As usual all Health & Safety Xpert updates come with a general review of all the regulations to make sure all our builders are following the most recent requirements.

Keep up to date or get left behind!

At HBXL we firmly believe that if you aren’t up to date then you’re behind. Whether this is in relation to software developments or staying on top of latest regulation changes, the costs of falling behind can be severe. Give us a call on 0117 9167892 to make sure you’re software is up to date.

Camilla Wild
Camilla Wild