How the right health and safety documents will help you to plan, do, check and act

Can you demonstrate that you follow the HSE’s recommended approach to managing health and safety? Do you always ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’?

This simple framework is recommended in the HSE’s ‘Managing for Health & Safety’ (HSG65) document, widely recognised as sound guidance on good practice for managing the health and safety of your business and projects.

It identifies the key actions needed in each part of the project cycle and relates them back, where appropriate, to leadership, management, worker involvement and competence.

And Health & Safety Xpert 2017 has all the documents you need to determine your plan, to enable you to implement it, review it and act on the outcome.

So we have created a guide that matches the Health & Safety Xpert documents to the four stages. We hope you find it useful as a checklist for adopting a safe way of working, and ensuring peace of mind.


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require employers to put in place arrangements to control health and safety risks. As a minimum, you should have the processes and procedures required to meet specific legal requirements. The HSE’s guidance gives a framework to follow:

PLAN stage – determines your health and safety policy and planning for its implementation on your jobs > Health & Safety Xpert has the policies, plans and checklists to assist you in this process.

You should DO the risk profiling, organising and then actually implementing on site > Which is why the software is all set with the appropriate risk and COSHH assessments, statements, registers and permits to help you get on and do just that.

Next you CHECK how things are going on site through inspections and investigate accidents, incidents and near misses… > That’s where our various records come in.

We can’t say ‘finally’ you ACT because there is no conclusion – it’s an on-going process of checking, planning, doing and acting > and we’re here with your audits, forms and records to enable you to review performance and learn those lessons before getting them implemented into future policy and the way you do things.

The infographic below gives you an ‘at a glance’ view of the approach and just a few of the many documents that come with the software (and are updated as legislation changes). A university in Scotland has already incorporated this chart into their course!


The HSE have some key priorities for 2017 as we explain. We can make sure you’re ready for any surprise visit. In fact Health & Safety Xpert makes it ever so simple to comply by matching the right documents to the job in hand – automatically. You should plan to use it…

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Camilla Wild
Camilla Wild