Upgrade your existing Basic Additional Licence to a LIVE Additional Licence

You may already have a “basic” additional licence for EstimatorXpress but if you want to share files a LIVE additional licence is much better in our opinion. A “basic” additional licence requires you to remember to manually backup the estimate once you've made any changes on your computer, remember to take your backup device with you (if it’s a physical disc rather than Cloud being used) and then remember to import it before you start work on the estimate from another PC. It's very easy to forget to do any/all of these steps, as some of our users have found, hence we've developed the EstimatorXpress LIVE Licence to help you out and ensure that you're always working on the latest copy, without having to think about it.

Can I upgrade my “basic” additional licence to an EstimatorXpress LIVE additional licence?

The short answer is yes! If your Support & Updates is current for EstimatorXpress and ALREADY have a “basic” additional licence, it costs just £50+VAT to upgrade to the LIVE additional licence.

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