24 months Support & Updates for ContractsXpert

If you are running ContractsXpert 2021 renew your ContractsXpert Support & Updates for a FREE software upgrade to ContractsXpert 2021 as well your Support & Updates for the next 12 months. Buy 24 months for a saving of up to £86*

If you are running ContractsXpert 2020 or older click here to purchase your upgrade.

Please note that the contracts contained with ContractsXpert 2022 follow contractual law for England & Wales.

If you own more than 3 licences of the same software product that require Support & Updates renewal, please note there are additional fees.

For each additional licence you would like Support & Updates coverage for, please add 10% to your Support & Updates. E.g. 4 licences is 110%, 5 licences is 120% of the fees quoted above.

Please speak to your Account Manager on 0117 916 7892 to proceed with the above.

*compared with 2 x 12 month purchases of Support & Updates at £199 per year.


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